Jun 302012

I wonder how many times these words were uttered by passers-by this morning—“hey honey look at those idiots out there running in this heat…they must be crazy!”

Well, I’m proud to say, that I was one of those kooks out there running this morning, and there were a lot of us! We ran one of my favorite courses, Grassland, in the Franklin area, so there were lots of cyclists, runners, and big vehicles flying by like they were angry to see runners. It really would be nice for drivers to slow down when they see runners and bikers on the road—God forbid they run 30 seconds late for that biscuit at McDonalds.

Anyways, Ted and I, training for the New York Marathon, joined up with the Team In Training folks this morning. We’re not really part of the Team, but with the Flex program we’re doing we’re invited to join them. Coach Christopher and his Mentors and participants were all really nice and welcoming.

So, being the kind of runner I am, I sometimes have no idea how far I’ll do, until I get out there. I thought it would be either 8 or 10 or 12 miles. If you do 12 at Grassland, the turn-around is at this cute little white church where the nice people leave the doors open so we can use the bathrooms, and maybe say a quick prayer that you can make the 6 miles back to the finish.

I decided to run about 10 and a half miles, and ended up alone by the time I turned around—Alex, one of the mentors, who is a lot younger and faster, waited for me at the water stop, and was kind enough to tow me in the last 3 miles. By the end it was probably 92 degrees and felt like 110.

But guess what. It’s fine. I feel beat up and tired, maybe even a little discouraged that I have some weight to lose– but on a hot, syrupy day, when most people chose to stay inside in their air-conditioning, we were out there getting it done.

As I was running, I was thinking about one of my Wilco teammates, Sarah, whose grandmother is battling cancer, and is back in the hospital. Sarah was one of my favorite teammates. She’s just a tough cookie, and she ran the Country Music Half Marathon, 20-weeks into her pregnancy. She ran for her grandmother and I can still remember the Mission Moment that she gave, when she spoke so fondly of her. So I prayed for them as I ran, and was thankful, that I’m able to be out there, heat and all.

None of us know when it’s our last race. I’m a cancer survivor, and I don’t take it lightly that I am able to run for those who can’t. So yeah, a little heat, bring it. Things can be a lot worse.

And for a lot of people they are worse—so we run for those who can’t.

Ted and Sammi and I are running the New York Marathon and our fundraising goal is $100,000. We’ve raised enough money now where just about everything we raise goes to cancer research. For people like Sarah’s grandma and everyone else fighting right now.

We might not make that $100,000 goal by November 4th, the day of the big NY Marathon—in fact we probably won’t. I intended for this to be a ‘year’ of fundraising, so I hope to hit $100,000 by spring. And honestly, it’s tough out there. I have raised money before, a good amount in fact—so a lot of my friends, who have been so generous previously, have about had it. I understand.

So there will be other sources—the money will come from somewhere. It has to- or Ted and Sammi may never speak to me again for one since this figure was my dumb idea!

But we have to, because too many people are fighting cancer. Too many people have relapsed. We have to find a cure.

I heard the other night, that after the Supreme Court’s decision on health care, that both the Obama and Romney camps raised over a million dollars each—in one night. So, if people can kick in money, so we can hear wall-to-wall attack ads for the next 6 months—we can’t raise $100,00 to cure cancer???!!!!

Sounds crazy right? So yeah, we have to.

If you can’t give, please pass this along to a friend or relative or post the link on your Facebook page, Twitter it, etc, and please help us okay.

Maybe running 10 miles in 100 degrees is worthy of a $25 pledge—if so—please click this link, and know that we appreciate every dollar more then you know.

Thank you!


  4 Responses to “Idiots and Heat”

  1. Flex or no flex, you are always part of Team no matter what!! When I’m not training with my local chapter and just doing flex, I join them anyway. We are all kicking butt and running for a cure! I’m proud to have you as my TNT teammate in New York!

  2. Awesome, Jim! You certainly are admired for running in that heat…and all that you’re doing to make a difference at large.

  3. Jim! So proud of you. What an inspiration! Keep up the great work.

  4. Jim! Thanks for the eye-opening thoughts! You never know when it is going to be your last race, so do everything like it’s your first and everything like it’s your last! We are so blessed and we so often forget it!

    Glad I got to run into you the other night… even just for this little blip of inspiration!

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