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While you’re here visit Ted and Jim’s blog, check out the latest news on upcoming events and lots more. This will be a long journey and we are planning plenty of fun stuff!

Most importantly, please consider making a donation–after a successfully running many races to cure cancer, including the San Diego Marathon and the inaugural Nashville Marathon,  along the way, we continue our quest to to raise $100,000. This time, we’re running for Gilda’s Club in Nashville, TN.   While we have raise money in the past that focused on looking for a cure, this time we are running to help support those who have cancer and their families.  Gilda’s Club Nashville provides a gathering place where people with cancer and their families and friends can join with others to actively involve themselves in building social and emotional support as a supplement to regular medical care. If you have cancer or have a friend or loved one who does, Gilda’s Club Nashville is here for all of you. Gilda’s Club has a powerful mission statement: “No one should have to face cancer alone.”  For 2015, we will be running the Louisville Derby Festival Marathon an Half-Marathon.

Will you help us by clicking the button to donate?  Every dollar helps!

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Jim Asker, Jim Brown, and Ted Sanft

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